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Improvements Come to Rancho Las Perris

Police Capt. Jim McElvain

A new perimeter fence and landscaping is going in along Perris Boulevard in the Rancho Las Perris neighborhood.

The City’s Rancho Las Perris neighborhood needed some tender loving care.

The modest subdivision north of Downtown had fallen into disrepair.

The roads running through it were torn up. The community park looked shabby. Out-of-control vehicles that crashed into the perimeter wall gouged chunks of it out. Nearby landscaping uprooted it as well.

Today things are looking up.

The City took the lead in repaving roads, is rebuilding the perimeter wall and installing new playground and picnic equipment in Copper Creek Park.

“We essentially redid much of the infrastructure in the community,” said Michael Morales, Perris Capital Improvements Project Manager.  “It’s a major project.”

Cost of improvements to the neighborhood just north of Perris Boulevard and Nuevo Road totaled about $1.35 million. Money came from federal funds and developer fees.

Morales said the bulk of the money, about $1 million, went to rebuilding roads in the 424-parcel community that was established in the early 1990s, making it one of the City’s oldest. Roads fell into such disrepair the surface had to be replaced and laid again with new pavement.

City Engineer Habib Motlagh worked out details for the road improvements, which were completed in August.

More recently, Perris broke ground on improvements to Copper Creek Park, which will include new picnic tables, barbecue stands, trash cans and park benches. Some of the old park equipment had fallen victim to vandalism or simply worn out, Morales said. Work on the $70,000 improvements began in September and should be completed by the end of 2008.

Police Capt. Jim McElvain

Copper Creek Park will soon exhibit new benches, barbecues and picnic equipment.

New perimeter fencing and landscaping are going even as the park improvements progress. The new block wall fence replaces the old barricade which, like much of the rest of Rancho Las Perris had fallen into disrepair. New grass and landscaping are being installed along Perris Boulevard as it makes its way through the development. In addition, 76 Southern magnolia and pink crepe myrtle trees are being planted and new monument signs are being installed.

The cost for the landscaping and fence part of the improvement project is $288,000. Work is expected to be finished in January.

Mayor Pro-Tem Al Landers said he’s pleased the project is wrapping up, because it will help beautify an important stretch of Perris Boulevard that serves as an arterial for traffic flow to May Ranch and other communities on the City’s north end.

It’s particularly gratifying, Landers said, to help out people of modest means who live in one Perris’ older communities.

“It’s nice to be able to give them a helping hand and it’s great for the city,” Landers said. “It advances our vision of Perris.”