Contact: Joe Vargo, Perris Public Information Officer
Phone: 951-956-2120

Perris City Hall to Close on Fridays

Perris City Hall and municipal offices will be closed every Friday beginning July 31.

The City Council made what every elected official called a painful and difficult decision but one made necessary by the economic slowdown, which has forced Perris to dig into its financial reserves in order to minimize, as much as possible, service reductions and program impacts to the City’s residents.

City employees have also agreed to forego salary and cost of living increases as part of the plan to reduce expenses by about $1 million annually.

The new hours mean City Hall will be opened from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday beginning this month.
The reduced schedule likely will remain in place for about the next year.

City Council members said Perris has weathered the financial storm better than surrounding communities, which have already cut staff and programs.  Although the decision to reduce operating hours from 40 to 36 per week was not taken lightly, City officials expressed confidence that Perris residents will continue to receive excellent customer service.