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Perris Volunteer Awards Ceremony Features "Surfin Safari"

The tribute band Surfin Safari headlines the entertainment for the 2011 City of Perris Volunteer Awards Ceremony on Jan. 21.

The band, which pays homage to the 1960s legends The Beach Boys, will perform during the annual recognition of the hundreds of volunteers who toil behind the scenes to make Perris a better place to live and work.

They coach and referee youth sports, assist Perris police, help run the City’s senior nutrition program and provide support at community events. City officials and elected representatives say the myriad of volunteers working on behalf of Perris makes it a great place that is only getting better.

“It is a privilege to acknowledge and honor them,” Mayor Daryl Busch said at last year’s recognition ceremony. “They go out of their way to serve our City. They are the real unsung heroes of Perris.”

The five-member Surfin Safari tribute band plays all over California. The band models itself after The Beach Boys circa 1961, when the world first heard the surf sound that would make the band legendary for half a century.

“Surfin’ SafariĀ® has taken great care to preserve the honor and integrity of the music of the Beach Boys and delivers a show that will leave you with a mile wide smile, a jump in your step, and a feeling of joy in your heart,” according to the band’s website,

“Surfin’ SafariĀ® was created out of a love for the Beach Boys and the happiness their music provides. Let us provide you with a great show, a great time, and fun, fun, fun 'til our daddy takes the T-Bird away.”

The awards ceremony takes place from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Bob Glass Gymnasium, 101 North D Street. Dinner includes a choice of prime rib, Cornish game hen or vegetarian lasagna.

Tickets are still available. Dinner is $22 per person; $40 per couple or $120 per table of six. More information is available by telephoning 951-943-6003 or emailing at