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Perris Police Awarded a Grant for New Equipment

The Perris Police Department will receive new equipment and additional training to help them combat drunken drivers.

Police officials announced recently they have been awarded a $143,836 grant from the Office of Traffic Safety to enhance its “DUI Enforcement and Awareness Program.”

With those funds, the department will purchase a public safety trailer to set up at DUI checkpoints throughout the City. The trailer may include an area where police can write reports  and book suspects detained at checkpoints.

Other funds will be used to train Perris police on the latest changes in state laws and how they affect local jurisidictions.

Perris Police Chief James McElvain said that with reduced state funds, the City was fortunate to obtain the DUI Enforcement grant.
“It was a competitive situation—some agencies did not receive anything,” McElvain said. “The grant gives us the latitude to combat

Perris Police officer Mike Clepper talks with a driver at a recent checkpoint targeting intoxicated and unlicensed driversPerris Police officer Mike Clepper talks with a driver at a recent checkpoint targeting intoxicated and unlicensed drivers.

DUI violations in a manner we would not otherwise be able to do. It pays for the staff, supervision, equipment and training.”
Perris police will receive grant funding in October.

Perris Police Sgt. Dan Lingo said authorities are planning to conduct nine DUI checkpoints with money from the grant.
They also plan on conducting 15 “satuation patrols” in which police cruisers will be on the lookout for suspected intoxicated drivers. The grant will pay for two motorcycle patrols to make sure riders are wearing helmets and have proper registration. And finally, the grant will fund two “warrant checks” on drivers charged with DUI who have failed to appear in court.

“It gives us a lot of tools in our battle against intoxicated drivers,” Lingo said.
Lingo said studies have shown a correlation between DUI checkpoints and a reduction in arrests for drunk driving. He said years of educating motorists about the dangers of drinking-and-driving have resulted in more people choosing a designated driver.

“They know we’re out there,” Lingo said.