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"Step Out to Work Out" Program Starting

Frank Eaton Memorial Park
Frank Eaton Memorial Park on Perris’ north side is the site of the opening workout session in the City’s “Step Out to Work Out” with City Council members.

Frank Eaton Park is the site of the opening round of the City’s “Step Out to Work Out” program, another element of the ongoing Live Well Perris campaign aimed at encouraging residents to exercise more and make smarter eating choices.

Step Out to Work Out allows Perris residents to take part in exercises like Zumba, Tabata, aerobics and hula-hooping with trained fitness instructors. Perris City Councilman Julio Rodriguez and City Councilwoman Rita Rogers will be participating in the program and want residents to join in on the fun.

The initial Zumba workout takes place at 6 p.m. on July 10. Frank Eaton Park is located at 3600 Bradley Road, on the City’s north side.
Rodriguez said he is ready to Zumba.

“It is really important in this community to lead by example,” he said. “We can live healthy and be happy at the same time.”

Both Rodriguez and Rogers are enthusiastic supporters of the Live Well Perris campaign, an initiative that stresses regular exercise and trading in high-fat, high-calorie foods for fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats.  Both attended the Community Health Fair in June, and both are signed up for the Biggest Loser Perris weight-reduction effort. In addition, Rogers took part in the June 29 Walk with the Mayor.

Rodriguez said he is taking weight-loss seriously, having shed 29 pounds since his election in November, a loss he said is the result of walking more and hiking with friends and hitting the City gym. Step Out to Work Out also is part of the regimen.

“We will be out with the community having fun and getting fit,” he said. “It’s important for us as elected officials to be visible. We’re walking the walk, not just talking the talk.”

City Council members Step Out to Work Out
Perris City Councilman Julio Rodriguez and City Councilwoman Rita Rogers are taking part in the Biggest Loser Contest as well as the Step Out to Work Out initiative. Here they are photographed in the City gym.

Rogers said she will be limited because of a pinched nerve and pain in her neck, shoulders and hands but promises to do “as much as I can” during the Step Out to Work Out” program. She has already completed for weeks of the Presidential Active Living Award (PALA) challenge, another part of the Live Well Perris program.

“It’s very important that we continue our Live Well initiative,” she said. “The whole community is becoming involved. We need to continue promoting healthy eating choices and exercise. I am very proud of what the City of Perris is accomplishing.”

Physical fitness instructor Laura Sosa will be leading several classes included in the Step Out to Work Out program. She said anyone—from the fantastically fit to the not-so-fit—can take part. Classes are offered in three levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced.

Sosa said the workouts with City Council members provide motivation for residents to exercise, eat healthier and keep fit.

“It gives motivation to the people,” Sosa said.