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Perris Celebrates at the Annual Harvest Festival

Siblings Zaniyah Morgan, 5, T.J. Morgan, 3, and Zanarrie Morgan, 9, display the costumes they wore to the Oct. 19 Halloween Harvest Festival, which drew hundreds of participants to the Perris City Hall Campus.

The Perris City Hall Campus became the perfect scary, spooky spot to host the community’s annual Halloween Harvest Festival.

Hundreds of Perris residents dressed for the occasion, becoming superheroes, ghouls, ghosts, monsters, witches, princesses and pirates to get into the holiday spirit. Perris Mayor Michael Vargas, City Councilwoman Rita Rogers and City Clerk Nancy Salazar dropped by to take in the festivities.

“Wow!” Vargas said. “What another great form of community engagement. It’s great that the City creates and supports these types of programs which bring so many Perris residents and their children out for a good time. It’s all about the kids. It’s great to see all the happy faces on the children. This eventprovides a safe environment where kids and their parents can come for a great time.”

Rogers came with her grandson, Jordan, 7. He was dressed as ”Master Chief” the protagonist and main character in the Halo video game trilogy

Perris resident Alma Morgan with her children, Ivan, 2, and Christian, 8, attended the festivities at the City Hall Campus.

“It’s a joy to see the whole community come out to see our youngsters all dressed up in their costumes and experiencing life in Fantasyland!” Rogers said. We’ve got a beautiful fall night and great weather. It’s wonderful to see the joy of our little ones so elated.”

Salazar came with her husband, Cesar, and daughter, Khloe, 7. The City Clerk sported a fox costume for the festival.

“It’s special to see the kids get dressed up once a year like this,” she said. “I love coming out here and enjoying the whole atmosphere.”

Positive vibes

Perris City Clerk Nancy Salazar and daughter, Khloe, 7, dropped by the Halloween Harvest Festival and stopped for a photo with Mayor Michael Vargas.

Eneida De Leon brought her 7-year-old daughter, Jayla, to the Halloween Harvest Festival.

“As a mom and a Perris resident, I find this great!” De Leon said. “It’s fun to watch my daughter experience the positive vibes and having lots of fun. I appreciate all the love and unity the City of Perris brings to the community.”

Sisters Ivory and Alma Morgan brought their mom and their five children to the Halloween Harvest Festival. Ivory Morgan has a daughter enrolled in a City-sponsored hip-hop dance class which performed during the festival. She also was pleased to see many Perris staffers supervising the activities throughout the campus.

Perris City Councilwoman Rita Rogers attended the festival with grandson Jordan, 7, who came as Master Chief from the Halo trilogy.

“This is a real community event,” Ivory Morgan said. “My kids love it. When they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Ditto for Alma Morgan.

“We appreciate the time and dedication the City puts into this festival,” she said. “That time and dedication make this a great event.”