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The City of Perris Plans to Build its Very First Dog Park

Plans are under way to build the City of Perris’ first-ever dog park, a place where pooches and their two-legged parents can frolic, exercise and bond with each other and fellow canine-loving families.

The project budget includes a $25,000 grant from PetSafe® Brand and $75,000 in funding from the City.

Furry-friend amenities include a dog walk, hoops to jump through, a shade structures, a grooming table along with doggie fountains.

And what dog park would be complete without that favorite relaxation spot--a fire hydrant.

“We know how much Perris residents love their dogs and we expect the dog park to attract many, many pets and people,” said Recreation Coordinator Josh Estrada, one of the team working on the project. “We want folks to get outdoors with their dogs so both can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”

The park will be located at Rider Street and Old Evans Road in north Perris. The dog park site is currently used as a detention basin and is surrounded by fencing.

Construction is expected to begin in the next few months with a planned opening by mid-2019.

Widespread support

Perris Mayor Pro-Tem Malcolm Corona and City Councilwoman Rita Rogers sit on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Corona said he has heard from numerous people in conversations and social-media postings of their desire for a dog park. The City Council took a tour of Perris for possible dog-park locations and determined the one in the north side as the best spot.

As a dog owner himself, Corona said he looks forward to the day he can take his bull terrier, Marty, to the dog park.

“This is definitely a great thing to have,” he said. “I’m always looking for a place to let my dog off the leash so he can socialize with other dogs. A lot of people without children view their dogs almost like their kids. So this dog park will prove wonderful for families with children and pets and those with only pets.”

Corona said the dog park shows the City’s determination to expand amenities for Perris residents. It also continues the City’s commitment to its Live Well Perris healthy-eating active-living campaign.

“We have the resources and commitment to bring the venues and programs that will increase the quality of life for our residents,” Corona said.

More upgrades planned

Councilwoman Rogers said the dog park is among the first benefits the City will reap from fees on industrial developments.

The City hopes to improve community parks by adding restrooms and other amenities. Paragon Park, home to the recently unveiled Motlagh Fitness Court, is among the facilities waiting for restrooms.

Rogers said the dog park will make reality of what has been a major priority from Perris pet lovers.

“It’s our first official dog park,” Rogers said. “It’s going to be a big deal because it will allow dog lovers to go out and have a good time. We have to listen to our residents and we are.”

Celeste Vlok, Marketing Manager of PetSafe® Brand, congratulated Perris for its commitment to pooches and their owners.

“We thank you for your participation in the program and for your commitment to creating safe, off-leash areas for pets and their owners to enjoy for years to come,” she said.