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City of Perris

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City of Perris

Waste & Recycling

Trash, recycling and green waste service is provided by CR&R Waste Services. In addition to normal trash collection, the County also sponsors several hazardous waste collections events throughout the year.

In general:

  • Containers are picked up once a week
  • Containers must be on curb by 6 a.m.
  • Trash must be placed in the black container
  • Recycling must be placed in the gray container
  • Green waste must be placed in the green container
  • Only containers provided will be picked up
  • Up to 110 lbs. per pick up, per container
  • No hazardous waste or construction debris
  • CR&R offers free bulky item pick up service
  • Perris Residential Recycling Program

    CR&R provides color-coded waste containers for residential recycling. The CR&R flyers explain what goes in each container.

    For more information, visit the CR&R website.

  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection

    Riverside County Waste Management conducts several Household Hazardous Waste collection events every year. The closest collection events for the City of Perris are in Moreno Valley.

    Before transporting waste to the collection event or facility, please use this checklist to make sure you have done the following:

    • Have I used up every product to the fullest extent possible?
    • Is the waste in its original container or is it properly labeled as to the contents?
      (The contents of the container must be the same as stated on the label. If not, cover up the label and write the name of its content.)
    • Have I offered good, usable products I can’t use to my neighbor, family or friends?
    • Are the items placed in a sturdy container, such as cardboard or wooden box, for transporting?
      (Wrap glass bottles in newspaper to prevent breakage.)
    • Does the amount of waste I want to transport exceed 5 gallons or 50 pounds?
      (Each load must not exceed 5 gallons or 50 pounds per State Law. Container volume must not exceed 5 gallons.)
    • Is the box placed in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your pickup truck and secured to prevent movement?
      (Keep items away from passengers.)
    • Are any of the containers leaking?
      (If they are, place them in a container or material that will not allow the leak to spread and place securely in the vehicle for safe transport.)

    Follow directions once you reach the event site. You will be asked to turn off your motor and stay in your vehicle. The site staff will unload the material from your vehicle.

    For more information about Hazardous Waste Collection:

  • Illegal Dumping

    Illegal dumping is an on-going problem within the City, and usually occurs along roads and streets where no houses or businesses ar located, or within alleys. The City has adopted an aggressive strategy to eliminate illegal dumping. This strategy includes investigating and immediately cleaning up the dumping, posting signs prohibiting dumping, and continual patrol in order to prevent future dumping. In some cases, cameras may be used to monitor locations with frequent and reoccurring illegal dumping in order to facilitate prosecution.

    The most common items that are dumped include construction and demolition wastes, including waste paint, used tires, and old furniture, mattresses or appliances. The placement of old furniture, mattresses or appliances in front of a house or apartment is also considered to be illegal dumping. To arrange for proper pickup and disposal, please contact the City's waste hauler, CR&R at (951) 943-1991.

    Illegal dumping creates blight and impacts the community's quality of life. When the Public Works Department receives a call regarding illegal dumping, we conduct an investigation to identify the source of the dumping. If the City can identify the potential source of the illegal dumping, the City will seek enforcement and prosecution, including but not limited to, physical clean-up of the illegal dumping, reimbursement for any cleanup, and civil or criminal penalties.

    It is also illegal to dump trash into any commercial refuse bin, unless you have the express written permission of the business owner to use their bin.

    • If the illegal dumping is on a public right-of-way
      City crews will respond to investigate and clean-up the illegal dumping.
    • If the illegal dumping is on private property
      The property owner is primarily responsible for abating illegal dumping on their property. The City can and will abate illegal dumping on private property through Code Enforcement. With the written permission of the property owner, the City may perform this work through either City crews or private contractor. Once the illegal dumping has been abated, the City will then bill the property owner for this work. Unpaid invoices may result in a lien filed against the property.

    Disposing of Waste Legally: The City Dump

    CR&R, located at 1706 Goetz Road, Perris, California accepts all trash and debris, and is available, for a fee, to all residents and businesses within the City.

    You may contact them for all of your solid waste, recycling and disposal needs.

    Call (951) 943-1991 or visit their website.

    What to do if you see someone illegally dumping

    First, do not confront them. Instead, you should immediately contact the Perris Police Department (800) 950-2444 to report this, but only if you see someone actively illegally dumping. Be prepared to give as much information as you can, including:

    • The location or address of the illegal dumping
    • The number of individuals involved, including a description of their clothing
    • Any vehicles, including the license number, the make, model and color of the vehicle
    • Any other information that may assist in identifying and apprehending the illegal dumping
  • AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling

    Perris Business Owners: Beginning July 1, 2012, Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341) requires all businesses in California that generate four or more cubic yards of waste per week to recycle.  In an effort to assist you with this new law, our contracted hauler (CR&R, Inc.), offers a wide variety of recycling services.  Please visit the CR&R website for further information.

    Your business may also donate and/or self-haul materials to a recycling facility. Information about California’s new business recycling requirement is available from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

  • AB 1826: Mandatory Separation of Food Scraps and Green Waste for Recycling

    Perris Business Owners: Assembly Bill 1826 will require all businesses in California that generate four or more cubic yards of waste per week to separate their food scraps and green waste for recycling. AB 1826 builds on the success of the mandatory commercial recycling programs established by AB 341. The implementation requirements are:

    • 2016 — All businesses with 8 or more yards of organic waste per week
    • 2017 — All businesses with 4 or more yards of organic waste per week
    • 2019 — All businesses with 4 or more yards of solid waste per week

    To assist you with this new law, our contracted hauler (CR&R, Inc.) is providing critical information about your recycling options. Below is a letter, an Organic Waste Fact Sheet and a self-assessment guide to help you identify when your business or multi-family facility may need to establish organic waste services.