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City of Perris

Water & Sewer

The City of Perris Public Works handles water and sewer utilities within the area: south of Nuevo Road, north of Mountain Avenue, west of Ruby Drive and east of Park Avenue.

Water and sewer services outside of this area are provided by Eastern Municipal Water District (Phone: (951) 928-3777).

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  • Where the Water Comes from

    The City of Perris purchases approximately 640 M gallons of water each year from Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD). That is approximately 1.8 million gallons of water everyday.

    The City of Perris has a storage capacity of 2.5 million gallons and then distributes the water to approximately 2,300 customers through a 37 mile distribution system.

  • Water Quality

    The City of Perris routinely monitors for contaminants in its drinking water in accordance with Federal and State laws. To
    minimize the presence of harmful bacteria or other pathogens, the City of Perris is also required to continuously monitor the
    disinfection levels in the water system. The disinfection levels of the water system are checked daily to ensure the quality of the water.

  • Starting or Ending Service

    Starting Water Service
    Before requesting service, please contact the office during our office hours to ensure that the City of Perris is the water provider for your area by calling: (951) 943-4610.

    To start water, sewer, or refuse service with the City of Perris, you'll need to complete a water service application and provide the following information:

    • Proof of ownership with your name and service location: (e.g. closing statement, grant deed)
    • A Government-issued Photo ID or Drivers License
    • Social Security number or Federal Tax Identification number

    Service Deposit
    As part of the application approval process, you'll be required to make a deposit:

    • Residential: $125 per unit
    • Commercial: $250 per unit

    Water accounts established before 4 p.m. will have same day turn on service. water applications received after 4 p.m. will be scheduled for connection on the following business day.

    Ending Water Service
    To end water service, simply call the Water Department at (951) 943-4610.

  • What to Do in a Water Emergency

    If you have or see a water emergency, such as a broken water main, fire hydrant, or water service line (between a water meter and the street), or you see water gushing from the middle of a street, call this number, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week: (888) 298-5592.